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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Pycckue View Post
Hey guys, thank you for your time.. I would appreciate any help with my issue.

First let me start by providing the spec:

i7 2700k
Corsair ZMS3 8gb 1600mhz
GTX 680
1000W PSU
ASUS p8z68 Deluxe/Gen3 Mobo
Win 7 64bit
Antec 900 2 case

So, I received my computer last Friday and decided to test it by playing MW2 campaign.
After a couple of missions sudden power off, PC shut off with no blue screen. Starts
back up right away. I thought it was a temp issue but the CPU never got above 60 C,
Motherboard @ 30C, GPU @ ~60C. Power supply is barely warm too. So that rules out the
temperature. I tried updating to newest version of BIOS, didn't help. Got the latest drivers
for everything, still same issue. It happens at random , sometimes it would shut off few
minutes within the game, sometimes i can play for hours until shut off, i tried running around
spinning around throwing smoke grenades everywhere and no shut off, other times I'm just
running with nothing going on and Bam! shut off. MW2 barely even stresses the CPU/GPU, CPU
at 48C max, GPU @ 66% usage max with low temp. I downloaded MSI Afterburner and ran
the Demo test, GPU at 98% usage @ 78C max, CPU at 100% with 66C max. Again sometimes
I can run it for hours, other times not. I started to think that it could be RAM.

I took the PC back to the store where it was assembled, and they are checking into the issue
but I don't think they will find anything because its hard to reproduce the shut off, because
of the randomness.

Please if anyone could give me any suggestion I would appreciate it! THANK YOU

Sounds like a fairly common problem. I would say your memory is not on the QVL of your mobo but i haven't checked.
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