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Thank you Father Fuzzy and everyone else for tuning into this project log and sharing your comments and feedback! Over Kyle's 2 day visit, we transformed Antec's Lanboy Air into our vision of something that resembles make shift portable Nuclear Fusion Generator in Post-Apocalyptic landscape..

Our Lanboy mod makes no apologies for being Mean & Nasty looking.

The Gullwing style side panels were created with spring loaded hinges. The Lanboy was painted "Charcoal Grey" metallic with "distressed and weathered" highlights.

The XSPC Raystorm waterblock is kept cool with the massive 250mm cooling fan mounted on 8" x 9.25" wide Thermaltake radiator that was taken from their "SwordM" full tower. The fan behind the Stainless Steel reservoir is Enermax VEGAS Trio in Blue/Red/Green combo-LED with 11 switchable LED color modes.

Kyle created a custom switch box for the top with plastic wire loom covering the wires. The Green faucets created the illusion of plumbing for the toxic waste. The Lanboy chassis was flipped upside down with the NZXT 850 PSU relocated to the exterior. The watercool loop exits and re-enters the interior through in the top of the PC.

Intel Core i7 970, EVGA X-58 Classified, 12 GB Corsair DDR3, Dominator-GT, XSPC Raystorm CPU waterblock, Asus ASUS GTX 560, NZXT 850 Watt PSU, Mushkin 120 GB Calisto SSD
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