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Actual length..I measured it minus the up and down the eaves is 550ft. There is a big 35 foot tall x 50 foot wide x 150 foot long shed that is in the way of line of site from the water tower that radiates the signal. The antenna would have to be 70 ft at my house to get a clear line of site because we live in a lower area. A friend of mine has a stock of fiber optic cable 50/125 and said he could sell it for 100.00 bucks for 700ft, but I would have buy 2 converters for $90.00 and said it would run well over 2km. That's an idea. and Cheap.
I'll see what this installer has in mind..if all works well for 15mbps and all I get is 6 mbps, I'll get charged for 6mbps speed. I'll then turn around and install that fiber optic cable to get the 15mbps for the 6 mbps price. The only downfall is that the fiber optic cable will have to be encased in a pvc buriable pipe to protect it from moisture. I'll keep y'all posted and thanks for the advice.
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