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Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
What specific motherboard is it? Any chance you've got the vid card in a X4 slot?

How about the PSU cables? Have you tried reseating them, or using a different set/plug? Maybe it's not getting clean power.

Other than that.... all I can think of would be to try a different vid card and if that works fine, then RMA.
Hmm...Never thought of the power cables as it is a modular PSU. Will check that.

Originally Posted by 3.0charlie View Post
Sorry Adam, I just saw this. My old card not playing up to par? I can't relate to 3DM11, since I never ran any synthetic benchmarking apps when I had it.
But I can tell you it ran BF3 like a charm at Ultra settings, on a U2412M - have you tried rolling back the drivers? Looking at my log, I used the 12.2s, not the 12.3s.
And like Steve mentionned, make sure the PCIe slot is configured for 16x.

Not a problem John. The card is great and I am loving just seemed strange that the card pulled such a low score. From what I have seen on google it appears to be common with a few 7970's.

I just did a reformat AGAIN ( After the last reformat last night it keep doing that DING DONG noise over and over and over again as something would not accept the driver for a PCI Communications Device ) and everything seems okay now... Going to redownload "11" and see what happens.

Apologies for my earlier remark....insomnia has gotten its hold on me for the past 2 weeks and it is starting to get me annoyed so please accept my apologies if I sound like I am snapping at any of you.
I am watching you.

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