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100 meters is the limit of Ethernet. You will want to run prob a bit less then that, so tech you should have 2 switches in the run. Make sure the installer is using outdoor Cat cable and something like teck 90 power and bellow at least 6" of dirt. I worked with a wireless ISP a few years ago that had bought up another wireless company in the area. They found out the difference of doing it right and doing it the wrong way(the company they bought).

Long runs like that create enough heat that woodland animal like to cuddle up to them and munch on the cable. putting it underground will help with this as well as tree falls and other things that could damage it. Even look at throwing it into some cheap PVC water pipe to further protect it. and most importantly it might be worth talking to a few electricians to make sure what the installer is doing is right before he does it. Because when its done wrong I have seen scorch marks where things have been nicked and in a dry summer that could be bad.

It might also be cheaper and less painful to do a solar panel, battery bank and a 2nd wireless shot to your house. Ubiquiti Networks, Inc. makes some solid gear to shoot to your house. this type of setup is more controllable, your house will be unaffected by lightning strikes if you are having a tower put up, and mother nature will have less wire to cause havoc with.
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