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My System Specs


You're pretty much done with you're overclocking. My 970 can do 4200 (200*21) at 1,360 vcore without breaking the 60c barrier (under water), next step up is 4410 (210*21) at 1,424v and the 70-75 zone. Not really worth the heat and noise.

Now you've found the sweet spot for your cpu, time to tweak your memory. I can run 1830, 2000 and 2210 mhz and still get 4200 cpu speed. My cpu just doesn't work well with anything else than 19x, 21x and 23x. All depends on your IMC. Just up the mhz and memtest untill it fails, back down a little, then continue with lowering timings till it throws errors.

And don't forget to run your uncore as high as possible. Once you're running at high memory speed (1600+), each time you up the multiplier, it nets you a good increase in bandwith. Not really something you'll feel when browsing, but folding ppd increase linearly, so i would think that at least transcoding and (maybe) gaming will benefit from it.

And try to stay away from the itch to get better cooling...

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