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Default Currently ocing 970

Hi guys from all the help everyone has given me on this forum i finally man'd up and attempting an overclock. Running at 3.9 ghz 1.35 vcore for about 10 minutes on prime 95. So far so good i plan on getting atleast 4.2 ghz. Im going to run this for an hour ( is that long enough) and see what happens. How quick would an error occur bythe way?

30 minutes in ive decided that it was ok but 1.35 v seemed to much based on such high temperatures 80 degrees c whew thats hot (tj max 101c) i went to bios and downed the voltage to 1.335. Running prime 95 again and hoping for better than last time. I also increased the core speed to 4ghz no sudden
Problems yet. Having a locked processor can i change the multiplier to 25 instead of 24? I saw a 970 with a multiplier of 25 in an overclocking review.

Ok i believe my overclock is succesful at 4.2 ghz. I anwsered pretty much all the questions I had but I now see that overclocking is really quite simple. I bumped it back up to 1.35 V and it seems to be solid. I know that there is more to learn about overclocking and in the future when I add some more fans and better my airflow I will try for a higher overclock but 4.2 ghz seems fine to me and ive notice a significant performance increase. It feels so much faster than before. Again I have to thank everyone on this forum for anwsering all my questions I had.

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