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My System Specs


It just seems there's mixed opinions on Quadro's true benefits. They're technically much slower cards compared to GeForce, and they cost an insane amount. I can't see anyone agreeing to dropping $1k on a Quadro. He can just suck it up and live with the slowness

These are really the only ones I'd consider even buying, the rest become stupidly expensive:
ATI FirePro V4800 1Gb DDR3 DVI 2XDISPLAYPORT PCI-E Workstation Video Card - Retail - ATI - 100-505606
NVIDIA Quadro 600 by PNY 1.0GB DDR3 PCI-E16 DVI Display Port Fermi Workstation Video Card - PNY Technologies Inc - VCQ600-PB

...but I somehow doubt either would help much. And then any gaming he wants to do would be seriously crippled. I'd have to find out if you can run one of those along side a "gaming" card as well.
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