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My System Specs

Default AutoCAD Architecture Build

Now I tend to consider myself fairly well versed in computer hardware, but I figure I'll get some opinions.

My brother is enrolled in an Architecture Technologist program at college and as such has to design various buildings in AutoCAD Architecture. Now he's reached a point where he has to do renderings in 3D too, which apparently runs too slow and makes it seemingly freeze, but it eventually completes.

Would buying a Quadro/FireGL video card assist in this do you think? Or should I look more at the CPU?

Right now he has the following (my old system):
  • Intel X3350 (aka Q9450)
  • Maximus Formula X38
  • 8GB DDR2-1066
  • HD5870
  • Seagate 7200.12 500GB
Conceivably, I could give him my current system of an i7 920 and 12GB of RAM and get myself a shiny new LGA2011, but I don't know if the CPU/platform would show much benefit.

What do you guys think?
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