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My System Specs


Yeah but for 20 bucks more I might as well get the K and leave my self open for overclocking if needed (id like to oc though tbh saw one at like 4.5ghz is that possible on liquid?)

Im not sure what mobo to pair with the 2600k . Do I really need to spend over 200$ for a solid board (something that will take a beating and will last) ?
I also dont see any point to getting anything less than the gtx680 , what is the best brand EVGA?
Solid state hard drives , worth all the trouble ? I know they are fast as hell but will it burn out in a year if im not carefull ?
Ram , is DDR3 2200MHz (OC) that much better than DDR3 2133MHz (OC), I dont even see any 2200 for sale .. Do I really need that kinda ram ? Or is like 1333mhz or even 1066mhz ok ?Also would I profit on 3dsmax with like 16gb or even 32gb of ram or is like 12 or 8 not bad ?

Thanks guys !
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