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For Intel X79 SATA3 transfer rate, I use Intel latest 520 SERIES 120GB.
First, you can see the 520 packing is same as 320, which uses Intel new generation Logo.

SSD shell is Intel often use design. The benefit is you can take off the black frame to be 7mm slim SSD.
The controller is SanForce SF-2281 and flash is Intel MLC 25nm NAND FLASH.
Official spec write is 550 and sequential read is 500 MB/s. Random 4KB write is 80000 IOPS.
5-year warranty is Intel 520 SERIES biggest strength. Users have more confidence to use this product.

ATTO DISK Benchmark over 256k can reach 547.8 Mb/s read and 506.4 MB/s write.
AS SSD Benchmark - 550

ATTO DISK Benchmark is fastest and reach this SSD official specs.
AS SSD Benchmark Seq Write is lower and CrystalDiskMark also has same issue.

Seq Read - 484.0 MB/s Write - 159.3 MB/s
<All 0xFF, 1Fill> Read - 503.2 MB/s Write - 489.1 MB/s
<All 0x00, 0Fill> Read - 505.5 MB/s Write - 492.3 MB/s

CrystalDiskMark default is random test. The upper right shows the write speed is lower than spec.
As SandForce controller structure, some algorithm may cause this issue.
Left side pic, CrystalDiskMark changes to sequential mode, the write speed is close to official specs.
HD Tune Pro 5.00 in File Benchmark, all benchmark reach 500 MB/s or higher.

Power Consumption
Enter to OS Desktop and enable C1E power saving technology - 90W

Enter to OS Desktop and disable C1E power saving technology - 137W

Running LinX to make CPU full speed - 275W

Comparing to i7-3930K, i7-3820 power consumption is similar under enable C1E and enter to OS desktop condition. If disabling C1E, the number is lower.
Running LinX to make CPU full speed, 4C8T i7-3820 is 70W lower than i7-3930K.
However, i7-3820 power consumption is higher than i7-2700K. It may causes by CPU structure design.

Temperature(Room Temp is 21˚C)
Enter to OS Desktop - 19~26

Running LinX to make CPU full speed - 54~63

Cooler is CORSAIR Hydro Series H100 liquid cooling system and install 12cm higher rpm fan.
As OC to 4.75G, i7-3820 temperature performance is very good.

3D Test
msi N560GTX-Ti Twin Frozr II
3DMark Vantage CPU SCORE => 79023
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