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Left side is all black radiator. The size is 120mm x 120mm x 25mm.
The shell is metal quality. Itís thinner and longer than H80. Both side can install two 12cm fan.
The fan speed is 1300/2000/2500 RPM. Fan airflow is 46~92 CFM and the acoustic is 22~39dBA.
H100 requires case having longer top to install. The performance is better than H80, but you have to pick up the right case.

H100 uses new generation improved head and new clips which is more solid and lasting.
The bottom is still using big cooper thermal plate. Next is four 4-pin headers for 12cm fan.
Another big 4-pin and small 4-pin are for MB or PSU to read the liquid cooler motor speed.

OC Test
CPU 125 X 38 => 4750.05MHz, full speed, 1.460V
Enable C1E and disable Turbo Boost.
DDR3 2000 CL9 10-10-27 1T, XMP mode, 1.600V

Hyper PI 32M X 12 => 12m 02.921s
CPUMARK 99 => 728

Nuclearus Multi Core => 31526
Fritz Chess Benchmark => 36.69/17613

CrystalMark 2004R3 => 426555

CPU => 9.22 pts
CPU(Single Core) => 1.91 pts

Running Time => 4m 15s

PCMark Vantage => 27285

x264 FHD Benchmark => 25.8

i7-3820 structure is 4C8T. The performance is same as LGA 1155 2700K as same frequency.
As i7-3820 L3 Cache is 10MB, higher than 2700K, it has advantage in some benchmark software.
Even though itís 2 cores less than 3930K and 3960X, basic performance is good enough for most software.

DRAM Bandwidth Test
DDR3 2000 CL9 10-10-27 1T, XMP mode, 1.600V
ADIA64 Memory Read - 21496 MB/s
Sandra Memory Bandwidth - 46724 MB/s
MaXXMEM Memory-Copy - 17667 MB/s

My former review also mentioned X79 2133 1T and 2400 2T bandwidth are similar.
If higher DDR3 2T clock needs more voltage or CL, you can consider to set lower clock in 1T.
Three software above, there is only Sandra Memory Bandwidth has real quad channel bandwidth.
CrystalMark Memory test also achieve LGA 2011 quad channel bandwidth.
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