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Default Don't know where a certain front-panel case cable is connected


I know this might be a very stupid question for seasoned pc vets like most people in the forum but just bear with me. I am about to finish setting up my new gaming rig but I hit a bit of a snaggle. I know it's probably something rather simple but I am stuck. I am using an EZCOOL-A180 gaming case and there is a cable that I jut don't know where to put. My motherboard is a rather simple Asus P867-M model and The cable's plastic connector is a black square thing and looks a bit like a USB connector only thinner and has the following markings from top to bottom: "VCC, D-,D+ and "GND" "GND" at the bottom.

Is this a USB cable, and if it is how does it go into my MB's regular regular USB sockets? The other two front-panel USB cables are clearly marked as such and gave me no confusion whatsoever. Or is this a cable for some other motherboard connection that I don't know about?

Any help on this would be appreciated

thanks guys
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