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My System Specs

Default Gaming and 3dsmax Work Station Build

Hi guys , I have given up on my dell xps 700 , It will retire as a backup pc .

I want to build a nice rig that will accommodate both heavy games (bf3 intensive and more) also for 3DSmax .

Id like to play on ultra graphics in 1080p in bf3 and would like fast render times for high polygon count scenes and smooth view ports (real time render) .

If needed Id like to spend 1500$ max but id like to spend less tbh lol...

I also would like this machine to last a good while open for future upgrades .

So far the 6 core i7's look nice .Rendering would be faster with the 2 extra cores working but the price is a bit much ..

The gtx680 sounds nice too but pretty expensive as well .

If I spend 1000 $ on a cpu and gpu would 500 be enough to buy a good motherboard , good ram , good psu , hard drive, maybe blueray drive , if needed the corsair h100 and 2 extra fans with some case fans maybe 4 and of course a decent case ? Probably not right ?

Also I would like to get a ssd but ive read that you need to do alot of tweeking to elongate the life span
something about not being able to write or re write that much .

Any advise would be appreciated .

Thanks in advance ,

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