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Originally Posted by dandelioneater View Post
2 things that I can think of off the top of my head:

1) Are you using recent nvidia drivers?
2) How are your cpu and gpu temperatures? Perhaps there is throttling occuring if you are running hot.
3) maybe the hard drive is causing problems? Kind of a longshot but it may be too slow.

What about running a benchmark such as 3dmark and measuring with sli and without. See if you can reproduce it in a synthetic test.
1) I am using the 295.73 because when I had the latest one installed youtube would freeze while on fullscreen. I read that other people were having the same issue as me and that the only solution they found was to roll back to their previous driver.
2) CPU temp with prime 95 ~ 63 C
3) I wasn't too worried about HDD becuase I know it only affects loading times and loading times IMO have been decently good.
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