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Default Help Needed...GTX 560 on SLI Slower than Non-SLI

Hello guys:

It is my first post on this forum, so I hope I can find some answers to the questions that I have from all of you out there.

This is my case scenario. I recently built a PC from new and used components with hopes of improving my gaming experience.
My hardware includes:

Motherboard: Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3
VGA: 2x GTX-560 (non-Ti) 1GB of VRAM/card.
CPU: Athlon 64 X4 640 @ 3.6 Ghz
8 GB DDR3 @1333 Mhz
PSU: 750 Watt Cooler Master 80 Plus Bronze.
Hard Drive: 250 GB Samsung 5400 rpm
Screen Resolution: 1920x1080
Win 7 64-bit

Games that I've played so far with this PC are:
Battlefield 3

Whenever I play with one card I get steady frame rates between:
Skyrim (Ultra): 30-50 FPS
Battlefield 3 (High): 30-50 FPS

The issue is that when I enable SLI I get lower performance than with a single card, and even worse, when playing Battlefield 3 at the beginning seems fine with 60-65 FPS but after two or three minutes it becomes unplayable.

My question is:
What do you suggest to improve my system? (With the current hardware)

Also, I ran this hardware with an AMD FX-6100 @ 4.2 Ghz and the performance was even lower that those numbers up there.

Thank you.
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