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Originally Posted by krazyups View Post
I'm getting something totally different ...

0.115kWh x 24hrs x 7days = 19.32kWh per week
Average price per kWh = (10.8 + 9.2 + 6.2)/3 = 8.7333 cents per kWh (I know that my value is higher than the actual average since more weight is towards off peak, but this is worst case)

Weekly cost to fold = 19.32kWh x $0.087333 = $1.68 per week.

I believe that you only calculated for 7 hours of folding - $0.085 x 0.115Watts = $0.0097 per hour x 7 = $0.0679, not $6.79.

Edit: Damn, ninja'd
Yup, that makes sense.

Since we are folding for the team, we should at least get beaver bobble heads each !. I've seen them for $5.50 each

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