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@Prolab, 250mm is installed in this pic, you were seeing the 120mm fan in the front bezel

@Bungwirez, lol, you betcha

@Pab, Thank you

250mm is installed on the radiator. Fitting the new bezel and it's fastener screws. This will be painted Charcoal Grey Metallic, to match the chassis.

Road Warrior action figure discovered while touring Peacock Groove workshop in my warehouse on Thursday night. It won't be implemented in the project, but reminded of us of a grungy "Post-Apocalyptic" atmosphere from the movie, and inspired an idea or two for the build on following day.

Kyle is implementing UV Green Transparent acrylic windows...

Flipped MB tray with EVGA X58 and i7 920, cooled by XSPC Raystorm Waterblock
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