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That would make things easier - then no messages to get people moved priming keys or sending Passkeys...and just team stats

However then all our folders that normally wouldn't switch over come to bear
(from other teams folding till they get 350K to just getting EVGA bucks and those that don't enter any contest from EVGA)
then the full power of EVGA comes to bear - I find that even more formidable... and I suspect even tougher to beat us

That removes another semblance of the old CC contest down the drain - it was mentioned in the CC by EVGA...however that did not go far

think about last year - OCN had 88% conversion - EVGA has 56%
if this stays the same it very well could be OCN winning just on a straight PPD race - because EVGA can't get members out

there is only about 20%-25% difference between our teams at most (full team) in the CC the switch over has favored OCN
we can't switch over users visiting EVGA to get that is our downfall

I said it be a tough slug going against OCN...
[H] probably would have hammered us with the increase they have....something EVGA could have used in a straight fight to motivate us again

Part of the challenge is to get them switched over ...ours and the others in the race ...that's half the battle
Another part of the challenge is to donate your individual PPD to your chimp name and not fold for yourself

we discussed it internally...we don't mind keeping it... but again if the other teams want it gone...I see no reason other than history to keep it

I think some of the other teams suggested it too in the CC forums

Buy hey...discussions like this is exactly what we need to do between teams