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My System Specs


first thing I would do is figure out what is creating most of the heat, which if gaming most likely is your video card that might not be pushing the heat out of the case. I am thinking this because before I started watercooling the heat from my CPU very rarely would get as high as your s and the only reason it would is because it was 32 C ambient temperature and also my video card at that time didn't have the shroud that pushes the heat out the back of the case.
Water cooling would cool it a fair amount you just have to remember to make sure the radiator find are clear of dust . as for my PC before I got into water cooling I put a fan right next to my Video card which cooled it 5 degrees when I was gaming. after a while when I upgrade to a card that pushed the air out the back of my PC I left the fan blowing air onto the card which cooled even more, the Average cpu temperate when idle was 30C which was allot better then the 38 I used to get idle
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