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My System Specs


Originally Posted by elmorejohn46 View Post
I went to intel to chat to a teck and he relly did't know much .He said if I did not use the heatsink/fan that came with it I would be voiding the warranty.I told him that all the Sandy bridge-E do not come with a heatsink/fan.Then he said I need to use a stock intel heatsink and gave me part number ,I looked it up and it one of those that would not keep the processor cool even at stock speeds.
Anyone who recommends you a stock cooler for you CPU, kindly thank them, and then never ever go near that place again, if your tech guy doesn't know that temps kill electronics, and spewing crap about warranties like some geek squad person(sounds like him/her is reading a form on there companies policies)then avoid that person like they are on fire. Really if you want it done right, without getting lied to and scammed, just ask HWC community, you will be able to see the best options, and noone will be crying to you because of warranty. How can Intel prove you didn't use there thermal paste, heatsink? they can't, you clean up the CPU and return it, same goes for water cooled graphics cards, you think none of us get warranty because we swapped a cooler? hell no, when it breaks swap the cooers and RMA it.
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