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Default ..:: L A N B O Y - A P O C A L Y P S E ::..

This log highlights photos from the PC project video I'm doing with "Mod Brothers Podcast" Host, Kyle Van Der Mewre (aka Kylevdm). ..."I don't care what we do, as long as we mod something" Kyle told me before arriving in Minneapolis. I recalled the disdain we shared for Antec's LANBOY Air when it was released. I proceeded to uncover the dusty sample I reviewed for Episode #5 of "Mod Men"[/URL] ....One day before Kyle's arrival I stripped down the LANBOY and implemented ideas that Kyle could contribute during his 2.5 day visit. The only elements that remained of the LANBOY Air was it's frame and 2 side panels.

PC Designer, Engineer, & Modder "Cheapskate" contacted me 2 weeks prior to Kyle's visit with photos of a Stainless Steel Reservoir he was developing. The design looked very industrial, like a vacuum chamber. It ignited my imagination of a sci-fi theme for our project. Let's transform it into something that resembles a make shift portable Nuclear Fusion Generator in a Post-Apocalyptic landscape. Created from parts salvaged by an Engineer after a fictional WWIV. As we worked, the fictional story started to take life... "He worked as a Senior Engineer at Los Alamos National Laboratory[/URL] in their Developmental Dept before it was demolished in 2010." ...... From this point on, the build took on it's own life...

Unimpressed by Antec's Lanboy Air

The factory finish was sanded and scuffed up, before it was permanently turned upside down with the PSU relocated to the outside.

Cable Management grommets were added to the ceiling.

The side panels are suspended like Gull Wing doors with "Laurey" style Cabinet Hinges from WoodCraft, Buy Laurey Hinge Oil Rubbed Bronze No Inset Surface Mount Pair at Woodcraft

250mm cooling fan shroud I fabricated for the radiator from the SWORDM sent by Thermaltake for AMD build in 2006.

The front intake grill is a combination of machined aluminum 120mm "Reactor" fan grill and 120mm Blow Hole kit.

120mm Enermax VEGAS DUO in Blue/Red combo-LED with 11 switchable LED color modes.
Factory Product Page Link, ENERMAX - Product

This is the front of the Lanboy chassis with 20 gauge sheet metal I fastened on, for the intake fan.

The SWORDM radiator measures 8" x 9.25" wide with 3/8" barbs. The chassis was painted Charcoal Grey Metallic and Flat Black

I fabricated a new bezel to accommodate the Stainless Reservoir. I combined the top panels from a Lancool K58 Dragon and Fractal-Design Arc Midi. The 5.25" Toggle switch plate is thick machined aluminum.

The front intake is a combination of the 120mm "Reactor" aluminum fan grill and 120mm Blow Hole kit.

After painting the bezel Charcoal Grey Metallic, I added Round version of Modders Mesh to the openings in the sides.
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