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Lot's of great points there Adak...seems like the answer may just be "those CC Captains that are willing to participate should just go ahead and make some decisions". I agree that CC gets too bogged down in "points analysis paralysis" and it is the ugly side of what is otherwise a beautiful race.

To Xavier's point about Crunching races, he has it correct, at least from the Crunching races where I participated in the last 12 months. We run full out as a Crunching Team and the Team numbers (members) are very widely dispersed. In the 2011 Christmas Challenge, we had a huge ratio of members between Teams and EVGA placed very well in spite of our small numbers. My point is that Xavier is correct, in Crunching, points design do not take center stage and your Team has to compete with what it brings to the table pure and simple. I think that is sort of what you are trying to do too...get CC back to being a simpler contest that is still fun!

This year's CC is floundering upon indecision and poor participation from CC Team Captains. I believe, however, that most Team members are very interested in getting things going and are ready to race. Some are also in sort of a limbo state wondering if CC will happen this year. We need to get the recruiting effort well underway, and having some experience with that, we are getting "long in the tooth" on getting that started. So my advice would be, do whatever is necessary to get this thing nailed down this week so that we can get started recruiting and informing people. If that means moving ahead with some decisions then so be it. If anyone that is not participating in those decisions want to complain afterward, they can only look to their own lack of participation in same.

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The crunching races I've been in, were "Gauntlets", and they're pretty tame-o, (rhymes with lame-o). It's nothing like the CC, where people have to actually donate their ppd, to the race name for their team. In the crunching "races", you wouldn't know if you were even in one, personally. You give your name to the team captain, and that's it. It's this 50 against that team's 50, and oh yeah, this team had 125 so we split them up (you don't mind do ya, racing for another team?), and of course, the teams aren't still balanced, but ...