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My System Specs


Well, what about doing a web search? I just noticed that surfing via Firefox, the temps of the 'first' two cores go way up.... they get up around 44 - 48 and only go back down with a halt of web activity. What the heck is that about?!?

I swear, I wish I could sell this crap but it's probably good I didn't or a buyer might have been complaining. I guess that is why prospective buyers are wary and cautious and ask the buyer to run the cpu through these same tests?

It just doesn't make sense to me that the core temps are going to shoot up a full 10 degrees because you have web activity. How is that making a cpu's cores hot?!? WTH?!?

The previous poster said get a 'better cooler.' You think it's 100% the fault of the cooler? Ok, which one?!?

I really don't want to go with another air cooler. It's huge in my case and a pain when I need to work in there. That's why I like the liquid coolers even if the closed loop ones aren't as good - the Corsair H-series, at least, is relatively less intrusive and I think performs almost as good as the best air ones?

The only other option is to use this as is since most ppl are saying there won't be no harm if it goes up a bit in temps and then buy a 'better' case that has more space to work in. Which ones are those? Corsair 400 and 500R, for e.g.?

I'm almost frustrated enough to take it to a computer shop but the local ones here, I wonder if they could even do anything.

Any experts here? Man, soooooooo frustrating. Afterall, it could be the cpu, sensors not working right.... BIOS problem... or maybe everything's working but the cpu is obsolete and old so it's not working as well anymore? :-(

I've never heard of browser/surfing causing temp increases like that before, though! I only noticed it because I had the browser window smaller so I could see the RealTemp window.
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