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My System Specs


I actually purchased an ssd for this laptop hoping it would fix the issue as I assumed it was the HDD caching causing the lag. That wasn't the problem. If i run CPUz while I'm using the computer I can see the frequency change and when cpu does the little hicup of lag happens. Mouse freezes for a second and then resumes normally until the next frequency change. The install is brand new win7 home x64. The previous OS was vista 64. I have 4 gigs of ram in it and like I mentioned before I don't do much on this laptop really. The most taxing thing I do is watch .mkv movies.

So I have eliminated the OS and the HDD. I don't have the option to set speedstep in the bios and the only thing I haven't tried yet is updating the bios but from what i can tell it is current anyway. I'm a little leary of updating the bios on this laptop while working outta town as I have no access to anything if things don't work correctly. I highly doubt a new bios would give me the speed step option anyway.

I think my only solution is to find a hacked bios that supports this motherboard / chipset so I can then get these advanced options. Perhaps there is a quick key option to access hidden bios options?
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