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well the other thing i use it for is my church. I record the sermons (and no i won't get into the details unless you want me to). But suffice it to say while my G3 does a pretty good job the mic is to far away. The h4n allows to be to pull an audio track off of the wireless mic directly without any mixing so i can add it to the video later. I definitely appreciate the portability factor. Not to deminish the onboard mics as they are nothing short of amazing. In stereo the recording quality options are insane i think it goes up to 96Khz/24bit in wave and up to either 328kbps or vbr in mp3. It has a ton of options as it has 3 recording modes.

1. Stereo (pretty self explanatory, you can either record from the stereo mics or the 2 xlr inputs)
2. 4 Channel (records from both XLR and Stereo mics, results in 2 stereo wave files)
3. MTR (Multi Track, this is where this thing shines allows multi track recording and over dubbing.)

I also know of 2 other people at my work with also both have H4N's and love them to bits. Some other things to consider depending how important multi track recording is to you with portability i would also consider the R16 if your recording mostly using the xlr inputs and not the on board mics.

Just some food for thought.
and now for something completely different

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