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My System Specs


Originally Posted by dandelioneater View Post
Ivy would be the way to go, but I would upgrade your 4850 video card as well if you are going that route. At least a gtx 570 or 6970 would be ideal.

I'm sure there will be some 2500k/z68 combos coming available in the coming month as the new Z77 stuff arrives,So you should be able to pick up a sandybridge mobo/cpu and maybe even a gtx 570 or something from the BST for a decent price. Also, +1 for the ssd, crucial m4's or vertex 3 or the intel 520's are on the top of my list.
Oops, I didn't update my 'System Specs' in the drop down. If you look at my sig, I actually have a 6870 OC'd now. And yea, I'm looking to pick up a Crucial M4 128 for OS/Steam.

Originally Posted by Bond007 View Post
IB vs SB will likely be marginally faster and a bit more power efficient. Its your call if its worth waiting for to buy or to see if it brings some good SB sales. IMO you waited this long, so why not wait a little longer to see the result of IB being released. If your computer is mainly a gaming rig then i5 2500k or i5 3570k (I think that is the right name) when its released will be the way to go.
Well I'm still waiting. My only thing is, I think I read that Ivy has about 7% performance gain? My main point is just that if there are good cheap deals on SB when Ivy comes out, what is the better buy.
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