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There isn't much to "throw" together. Web site points will need some work, but that won't take long. For a real race, you're quite right - it's too late and time's too short. For a virtual race on line however, it's quite doable. Most everything can be re-used.

I like the idea of a "side" race. Lends a good deal of scope to the massive output of the CC teams, during the race, and should help increase buzz for FAH a bit.

(This doesn't mean there will be two races. It just means every team in the Handicap bracket, will also be entered in the Unlimited bracket, and vice-versa.)

That's one way to do it, anyway.

Some members of the teams have been promoting this race as the highlight of the folding year, for several months. If there is no CC this year, it's a major disappointment to me, and to the teammates all over FAH, who have looked forward to it.

ATM, I'm quite disappointed in the captains CC performance. With the exception of Xavier, it seems like the CC captains pretty much disappeared into the ether.