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My System Specs


Originally Posted by impruv View Post
Well I feel like its time for a upgrade. I've held out for quite a while with the E8400 C2D but I feel I finally feel its limitations in some of the newer games.

I'm planning to just upgrade the mobo+cpu+ram, probably add in an SSD. However I think the rest of my stuff can stay. Should I grab the upcoming ivybridge? Or wait till that drops and pick up the cheaper sandybridge options then.

Any suggestions as to what I should upgrade too?
Ivy would be the way to go, but I would upgrade your 4850 video card as well if you are going that route. At least a gtx 570 or 6970 would be ideal.

I'm sure there will be some 2500k/z68 combos coming available in the coming month as the new Z77 stuff arrives,So you should be able to pick up a sandybridge mobo/cpu and maybe even a gtx 570 or something from the BST for a decent price. Also, +1 for the ssd, crucial m4's or vertex 3 or the intel 520's are on the top of my list.
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