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Default !! Just received my new build, cannot connect to the wireless network!!

Some background.. well.. I just received my new desktop (built by a couple days ago, and cannot figure out how to connect it to the wireless network connection in this house! @_X I am tired of googling & not being able to find a solution......... I'm pretty sure I am entering the correct MAC address..

What I did: I just opened command prompt on my new desktop to get the MAC address. I then noticed that for each 'section', for the Media State, it says 'Media disconnected'. I then logged on to the router, and tried to add this MAC address to no avail... I think it has somethin to do w/ the fact that it's disconnected? somehow?

The computer MUST be detecting the wireless network at least!! On the desktop, on the taskbar(?) (bottom righthand corner), it can detect the home network!

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