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My System Specs

Default Samasung Galaxy S Fascinate 4G/Asus UL80VT-A1 - Upgraded/ION Drum Rocker

1) Shipping is NOT included unless mentioned, but I have a Venture One card to help shipping times a bit.
2) Everything is tested prior to sale and only listed if it works, but items sold are AS IS.
3) Additional, full sized pictures can be had by PMing me.
4) EMT is the preferred method of payment, as well as cash for local deals.
5) Everything is OBO! Toss me some offers.

Coming soon - Zotac GTX580 with EK 580GTX+ Copper/Plexi
block (Lifetime warranty, will help out with future issues)

$̶7̶0̶ -> $50 - Thermaltake Meka G1 - My review here - SOLD

$̶2̶2̶5̶ -> $180 - Samsung Fascinate 4G (Telus Galaxy S T959P) - Unlocked

Bought this brand new and unlocked in September 2011. Used it for three weeks and ended up going to Mobilicty, which meant this phone went back in the box as a back up in case of going back to Rogers. That never happened and now I'm planning on getting an S3, so this needs to go. Very very slight amount of wear on the back cover, screen and bezel are perfect.

Phone (T959P)
8GB Kodak Micro SD card
Headphones (Never Used)
AC Plug
USB Cable

$̶4̶7̶5̶ -> $410 - Asus UL80VT-A1 (Also, fully hackintosh-able )

Bought used here, ended up getting a tablet as it better suited my mobile needs. There are three dings on the top cover as well as some usual wear and tear. However, the laptop is a beast and works extremely well. I upgraded the RAM and also bought a 750GB/HDD caddy to replace the optical drive. The AC adapter has been replaced, and is an OEM Gateway charger I got from my work. (Original died on me right after I landed in Saskatoon, and has to spend 16 hours in an airport ) Also, with the ODD and HDD pulled, I got about 9 hours of light surfing on this thing. Nothing guaranteed though!

- Windows 7 Home Premium SP1
- Core 2 Duo SU7300 1.3GHz (Clocks up to 1.7)
- 60GB OCZ Agility
- 750GB WD Caviar Black/Caddy
- DVD/RW Drive
- Switchable graphics - NVIDIA GT210/Intel GMA4500
OEM Gateway Charger

Drum Stuff_____________________________________________

$̶5̶5̶ -> $45 - Yamaha KP65 Kick Tower - SOLD

$185 - Roland TD-3 Percussion Sound Module - SOLD

$̶3̶2̶5̶ -> $220 - ION Drum Rocker with mesh head mod and cymbals

I am selling because I decided to upgrade to something with a real drum brain. Everything that comes with the Core ION Drum Rocker set is included. Also included are three cymbals and all the required mounts.The L-rods, rack, cymbals, and cymbal arms have normal wear and tear on them, but have no physical problems. The mesh heads are Pearl Muffle Heads, and were installed last week. Since then, they have gotten about 30 minutes worth of play to test functionality. Included in the price is a Roland PD-8 dual zone pad, which was used as a snare. Only thing I think you'll need is a new set of drum sticks. The heads on these sticks are kinda chewed up.

So a list of what's included:

- Drum rack + rack hardware + drum key
- ION module
- Stock drum sticks
- ION pedal
- 4 ION pads (3 of which are mesh modded) + mounting hardware for 4 pads
- 1 Roland PD-8 pad
- 1 ION Cymbal, 1 Pintech TC14, 1 Pintech PC16 + mounting hardware for 2 cymbals + aquarian spring (To be used with the PC cymbal to prevent cracking)
- 8 mono 1/4" cables (enough for 4 pads, 3 cymbals, and the kick pedal)

Also, in case the mesh heads have problems in the future, I have included the stock rubber tops for the 3 pads that you can put back on.

Item must be picked up as I lack transportation. Any other questions, feel free to ask!

Extra drum pictures here:

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