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Default video card picture quality compared to standalone bluray player

I have a HTPC with following components

-Asus P67 Sabertooth motherboard
-Asus GT520 Nvidia video card ( passive )
-Intel i3-2100T cpu because of low 35 watt usage
-Intel 310 80gb SSD as boot drive
-Seagate Momentus Hybrid 500gb drive storage
-16gb DDR3 mushkin memory
-Seasonic X400 fanless power supply

using PowerDvd 12 Ultra and ripping bluray iso files to retain access to full menus of BD

my question is this capable of out performing standalone bluray player such as Oppo BDP-95, Pioneer Elite BDP-53FD etc. I know better players use video processing Qdeo chip by Marvell...

will video processing of higher end video cards give me better video performance, quality of picture? This is feeding Panasonic TCP50ST50 plasma tv

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