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My System Specs


Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
Changing the values didn't physically do anything to your temps, all it did was fix the baseline it was using. It's kinda like adjusting your spedometer if you change the size of your tires, you're not moving at a different speed, your spedometer is reporting a more accurate one.

Low 30s is fine for idle on a Q6600, but load is what you really need to be concerned with.

I moved the computer to an 'office' from a living room in which it was on the floor (now on a desk). My temps changed slightly, 34 - 34 - 29 - 30.

To test the cpu for load, I would use Prime95? Is there a 'step-by-step' or 'how-to' for running a load test? I ran Prime95 briefly before and the cpu temps jumped to 80/85 but this was before when the idle temps were at 43 or 44 for most of the cores.

I just want to know what settings I should use and how to run the tests. There's several settings for extent of the test(?) but I'm not sure which to use. For e.g., one includes testing the memory but I don't think I need that included?

Thanks for any info.
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