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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Dragonstongue View Post
16gb is far more then just about anyone uses, so unless YOU are using close to the 16gb you have now, why bother?
Well for my Adobe CS5.5 i have set 13GB out of 16GB (Thats the max i can set) to be used by the software, and in fact when rendering a lossless file in AE, my RAM usage jumps to 15GB, so its not even utilizing the full memory available. But i guess thats some limitation in W7 perhaps, just to leave some headroom for other apps. Would be interesting to find out the speed difference in rendering 16GB vs 32GB. But im guessing not a significant boost for sure.

Originally Posted by yamawho View Post
Don't know how much hdd space you have but you might want to check the size or even turn off your page file ...

I just did this on a system with 8GB of ram and saved 8GB on the SSD.

Save another 13GB by turning off hibernation as well.

With 32GB of ram, you could run an OS without needing a hdd
I have plenty of space, 2TB + 1TB in backup WD Black, Intel 520 - 120GB, Kingston V200 - 128GB, OCZ V2 - 60GB. Haha, thats true, no need for HDD, got enough ram! lol

Originally Posted by Arinoth View Post
Only reason to go with 32GB would be to do RAMDISK for faster read/write speeds while doing video/graphical editing.
I havent heard of RAMDISK, so i guess i should explore. Thanks for responses guys! appreciate it!
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