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Originally Posted by NSdeadly1 View Post
I've used both over the years and haven't encountered any real problems with either. I've used both single cards and sli/crossfire and the only issues I've ever had (from both) was crossfire/sli support on some games. I have never once had any issues with my 6870's in crossfire and for this reason I'll be staying with team red for now. And as a side note, i had one of the many NVIDIA cards that got fried by the drivers. Completely cooked my 8800gt. Thank god for EVGA's excellent warranty
Again, ty someone else to backup my 1 point WHY nvidia drivers are NOT all there cracked up to be.

Like i said drivers that have to be dependant on cpu acceleration to make them preform are NOT "superior" as some of you on team nvidia might try to argue. And I have YET or to the best of my memory NEVER had a ati/amd driver that shut off or down my gpu fan.
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