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Originally Posted by Dimitry49 View Post
That one seems nice! Pretty good reviews! I might go for it but not sure about the interface. What should i get for the XLR input? Some sort of an amp?

I've seen that mic and i was considering it, but i want to directly connect it to my comp and record in Adobe Audition. I'm not sure if the H4N allows that, well it has the USB interface, but does the computer detect it as a live mic?
Well that's basically how i use it at work. I connect to my computer in interface mode and use it to record my voice through camtasia studio. i have also tried it with audacity, cubase and teamspeak. It works in all of those. Windows sees it as a usb microphone. Also it as a tripod screw hole and a line out so if you wanted you could get the hot shoe mounting adapter slap that puppy on a dslr and use the line out on the mic and connect it to the line in on the dslr.
and now for something completely different

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