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OC Setup - M.I.T. tuning page
CPU Frequency from 100 to 135
Memory Clock change to x6.66

GPU Set Up Related Page. As former review, adjusting GPU clock is not improving 3D performance much.
In APU platform, you only can rise DDR3 clock to improve 3D performance.

Advanced DDR3 Setup Page
This time I set it as CL8 10-7-27 1T.

CPU Related Items. You can set up IGX here.

PC Health Status

APU OC range is not as high as old platforms, however, the clock range is still wide enough.
OC is relying on CPU and DDR3 quality to adjust clock and voltage.
It takes to fine tune the best setup.

OC Performance Test
CPU 135 X 25 => 2835MHz(Turbo Core up to 3240MHz)
DDR3 1800.2 CL8 10-7-27 1T

Hyper PI 32M X 3 => 21m 51.782s
CPUMARK 99 => 428

Nuclearus Multi Core => 1766
Fritz Chess Benchmark => 11.53/5533

CrystalMark 2004R3 => 153049

CPU => 2.60 pts
CPU(Single Core) => 0.90 pts

PCMark Vantage => 6298

The comparison of A6-3500 OC from 100MHz to 135MHz.
Referring to CPUMARK, Fritz Chess Benchmark and CINEBENCH R11.5 CPU performance benchmark,
single threading improves 34~35%. 3-core full speed performance also enhances 33%. This is very well.
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