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Default The Legend of Grimrock

Didn't see a thread on this here, so I figured I'd start one. In short, I think it's an indie company putting out a fantastic game.

Anyways, for those of us who had the privilege of playing old school first person dungeon crawling RPGs like Dungeon Master, and subsequent successors like Might and Magic or Ultima Underworld, or Eye of the Beholder, developer Almost Human is released the Legend of Grimrock on the 11th of April. I can't wait. I'll be rushing home from work for sure to play this.

Yes, Elder Scrolls has sort of gone this path in a much more expansive world, but there's just something about revisiting what many people have spent countless hours playing.

Developer Website
Legend of Grimrock

Some game play footage

Gamespy Review
GameSpy: Legend of Grimrock Review - Page 1

I was personally on the fence, I mean how can such an old style of game have new life in a modern world? I was sold in the first minute of the video.

I mean, they even included an old school mode where it disables the automap and you have to personally track it yourself on gridpaper.

Based on the game play video, it looks like there will be future possibilities for expansions and player created campaigns, which I think only adds to the replayability. The mechanics of the game look simple, much like they did back in the 80's and 90's, but I think for any of us who played these types of games, it may just be what we are looking for since they have been gone for so long.

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