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Default Help Installing 2 hard drives on my ASRock board

I'm a little bit confused, building my rig and I noticed I have two types of SATA3 ports(5 total ports). I'm not setting up a raid configuration, just my SSD for OS + Games, and a MomentusXT for everything else. The 2 types of ports are labeled SATA 3 mode, and ASMedia Sata 3 mode. I know the SSD is going into port SATA3_0, but the Momentus I'm not sure if it makes a difference..... these are questions... sorry if im a noob but this is new to me.

1. Does it matter which port the MomentusXT SataIII drive goes into? Both groups are set to AHCI by default i believe, ....the manual labels these ports as follows:, "SATA 3 Mode":SATA3_0, SATA3_1; "ASMedia SATA3 Mode": SATA3_A0, SATA3_A1, SATA3_A2. I know the SSD with OS goes into SATA3_0, but I'm unsure if it matters where I put the Seagate HDD, or if one slot is better than another performance-wise. Otherwise I'd like to put both drives in the two "SATA 3 Mode" ports(the SSD in SATA_0 and MomentusXT in SATA3_1).

2. Should I install just my SSD, then install windows, then add the MomentusXT drive after the Windows install? or I can install both drives and then install windows?

thanks for the help
Thanks, new build:

Support Intel's X79/LGA2011 platform, it is worthy
Intel Core i7-3820 SB-E @4.6Ghz
ASRock X79 Extreme6/GB
16GB Samsung DDR3-1600 30nm MV-3V4G3D/US
Corsair Carbide 400r
Corsair H70 cooler w/2x COUGAR CF-V12HP 120mm fans
Thermaltake toughpower grand 850
Intel 520 180GB SSD
Seagate momentus XT 750 gen2 hybrid
LG BD burner w/ 3D MDisc Lightscribe
Dell UltraSharp U2412M LED 1920x1200 w/IPS
Cerwin-Vega XD3 sound monitors
Windows 7 Pro 64-bit

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