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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Rison View Post
I tell ya, now is the time to buy here folks.

There are three (3!) quad opteron systems for sale.. each around $3k. Could you imagine the folding power of the three systems on one folding username.. *drool* that'd put my old farm to shame!

Admittedly, i'm basically out of folding right now, but if I were a lottery winner I know where the first $10k would go.

This is kind of a bump for 3.0Charlie and jtktam, but as we all know.. this is the target audience for those systems.

Hopefully someone on our team picks a few up to fight the good fight.

Happy Easter.

That would make 1.5M ppd, over 2M credits.
Per day.

Hydro-Quebec is salivating...
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