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Default urgent!! boot priority randomly changed, and system cant find operating system!

hey guys i am having a very strang problem. I was on my system today, and i was listening to music on itunes while copying some files to a usb. everything was fine and all of a sudden an itunes error popped up, and i could only read it vaguely because it only lasted a couple of seconds, but from what i read it said "itunes cant seem to find the files......" then all of a sudden my system restarted. when it restarted it said "cant find operating system. i went into the bios and the boot priority was changed. i changed it back to the way it needed to be and when it booted back up there was a flashing "-" symbol like normal, but this time it just stayed there. i turned off the system and took out the hardrives. i put them back the main 500gb hd that has the OS installed on it, while leaving the secondary 1000gb hd out of the system and i booted it up. IT WORKED! the system booted up windows and everything was still there. but then a window came up saying "you must restart your computer to apply these changes". i checked windows update history and it installed "Definition Update for Windows Defender - KB915597 (Definition 1.123.1222.0)" like 30-60 minutes before. i restarted the computer (this time with the secondary hd plugged in and it still booted up. everything looks fine exept i cant press ctrl and select multiple files like i could before. i cant seem to find out what has happened to my computer, and i would like to know if any of you guys have any suggestions. another thing i should mention is that for about a month prior to this happening, when i boot up my sysem and it goes to my desktop, a command prompt opens up. it nothing appears on the cmd, and after about 10-15 seconds it goes away, and if you close it earlier, it opens back up.

sorry if its hard to follow, im new to forums :P

any suggestion will be appreciated. thanks! :)
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