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My System Specs


Final Thoughts:

I will not deny that I had some trepidation upon first glance inside, pondering how the install was going to go. However that was quickly removed once the process started. Everything just seemed to fit with little to no coaxing.. a true compliment to the fit and finish of the Raider. The mesh is well constructed, although the material feels 'light' and I would worry about putting too much pressure on it. The side panels however are solid and slide in with minimal effort.

On the other side of the coin I feel that some things were overlooked , because during the installation process what I predicted happened, I shifted the case loaded ever so slightly and one of the 4 feet detached itself and left my Raider Teetering.
Given its price point at $99 it is really at the sweet spot for those of us looking to replace existing or old cramped Mid-Towers. This also means it stacks up directly with many other competitors in the same catagory. Where does that leave us? Well lets tally it up and leave the ultimate decision to you.
The Good

- Lots of depth and tie wrap points behind motherboard tray for cable management and routing
- Silent Fans integrated with a good fan controller (though what wattage the controller can handle is an unknown)
- Durable well constructed materials make for a good fit and finish when installing all parts
- Ability to install addition 200mm Fan up top and 120mm fan in the bottom for more cooling.
- Ability to replace front 2 x 120mm fans with a much higher flow 200mm fan
- Lots of thumbscrews included , making installations painless
- Removable HDD cage to accomodate Large GPU's
- PSU Fan filter and bottom cage Fan Filter
The Bad

- Stick on feet that use only glue
- Tight fit for PSU if you do happen to have one that is not standard Depth
- Lack of Side Panel Fan/Window could be a deal breaker for some
- Cooling (stock) is not nearly as good as it could be for similar cases on the market
- Connector placement and HDD activitly light are not ideal
I would like to thank BitFenix at this time for providing the Raider for my Personal Review.

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