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My System Specs


Push the button, I know you want to:

Nothing felt more rewarding at the end then to push the big button on the top and hear....Nothing. No, it booted up first time without issue but I was truely stunned by the absolute silence of the 3 provided cooling fans. Given that the controller was set on its highest setting it was a shock to even me they weren't louder. Most manufactuer claims about DBA is usually infated but in this case the Spectre fans provided did a good job at keeping noise to an absolute minumum. Though it should be interesting to see the temperature differences between this and my A90 given that the Spectre fans aren't nearly as capable in the CFM department.

Now I do have a concern with the button layout. I think it was designed in mind for those who store there cases on the ground beside them. Given that I do not do this, having the Power, reset, and HDD LED activity light on the far right corner at the top proved to be a flaw for me. Coupled with the lack of any close USB ports (all 4 are located on the top as well, although on the side closest to me). Perhaps it is a bit of nitpicking but I prefer to have lower mounting audio ports and USB ports. It historically speaking has been more user friendly for me having easier access given how I like to situate my cases. Your experience may vary and you may find this useful, so take this statement with a grain of salt.

Temperatures with stock cooling are what suffered although not nearly as bad as I had antipicated given the lack of high flow fans or any side panel fan. My only concern to be honest would be a GPU that exhausts its hot air into the case. Given the single medium speed fan to help move airflow outside of the case I can see internal temperatures going much higher than I am comfortable with. This can be easily solved with either a fan replacement to higher CFM models combined with populating the top 200mm Fan position (no 200mm fan included on the Bitfenix Raider).


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