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My System Specs


A peek under the hood:

Delving a little deeper inside the Raider is easily accomplished with the removal of two black thumbscrews, and this brings you to the first glance you have of its internal structure. What is nice is, unlike other chassis I have worked with, the cabling for the front panel and USB connectivity is neatly managed and not immediately in your way. This small step will make it easier on all whom start the install by helping them skip the step of hiding that usual tangle of cables.

HDD Cage Picture:

Centre Picture:

Tucked away and out of sight is a small plain cardboard box that holds all of the Raiders included accessories. The list is small but in this day and age not much is required.
You get Black standoff and matching screws, additional thumb screws in which to hold the PSU are also present. Beyond that are 4 Feet to attach to the bottom of the case (of which I suggest this is done before anything else to lessen the strain on the lower fan filters) and a handful of small black tie wraps.
My first qualm about the Raider is from the included feet. The Material the are made from is quality and they have a great ability to solidify the case as it stands. However Bitfenix's method of attaching them is where I find fault, instead of screws or some sort of fastener to keep them secure it is merely a peel off glue pad that will hold them in place. I suggest to anyone who installs these takes a little rubbing Alcohol and cleans the area where the feet recess into to help ensure a secure and long lasting fit.

The Screws:

The Feet:

Although every case must make some sacrifices to keep within a budget for its design, I could have done without the matching black screws and standoffs and instead had feet that were solidly attached.
Once installed however you can feel the added security and stability they provide.

On the underside as previously mentioned rests a pair of fan filters, which in this day and age are really a must considering the airflow potential cases are given. Without proper filtration or maintaince of a positive pressure enviroment the insides would become a mess in a hurry. Cleaning is simplified and this is a big plus for the Raider, as you can simply reach down and grab said airfilters for a quick rinse, without having to actually flip your case on its side. Small details like this help make the package as a whole more appealing. Might help save from the wear on the glued on 'feet' too.

Let me tell you a tale:

Floating around helpless and on its own is the beloved manual for the Raider, and although it is small the step by step instructions given for installation of various components and locations are invaluable. With clear concise pictures one would be hard pressed to fault the layout given. I have seen much lesser manuals (or even no manuals) on cases, and it can sometimes create confusion on how to do certain things within your chassis. Though note worthy also is some sort of instruction as to what all the hardware is for in the included accessories. Though most seasoned builders should be able to manage the few missing instructions.


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