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Seem Overclockers suggest two brackets (similiar to OCAU recommendation)



two brackets, unlimited (straight points race), and a handicap bracket. The handicap basis point score for each team would be taken directly from their average day in the CC, last year.

If you believe it favors smaller teams a bit too much, then give each team a 50% penalty for the *increase* - sounds diabolical, but it cuts down on the advantage of the smaller teams percentage being a smaller quantity, compared to the same percentage increase, in a larger team.

(I'm not sure this is needed since the smaller teams will undoubtedly be in the handicap bracket, and the larger teams will be in the unlimited bracket.)

It's fair, it handles any problem of teams merging (like NCIX and HWC last year), and has a leveling effect on the competition.


Points in this format would be:

Unlimited bracket:
race points earned = total FAH pts.

Handicap bracket:
race points earned = total FAH pts - average days total FAH pts taken from last years CC.

Teams that are new to the CC and racing for the first time need a simple tweak to the points formula:

race points earned = total FAH pts - team daily average for the last six months.

It's important to remember in the midst of all this, that this is just a FUN race. It's not life or death -- it's more important than that! I don't need rules about EVGA having contests during the race, or any team "timing" work units so they score the most points, etc.

It's a race!

EVGA is all for this... we would like to see if we can get all the teams agreeing to this