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Because i love Windows XP. And i think Windows 7 is heavy to run, and i don't see any new features at all in that Windows. The only problem is that Microsoft and other companies would not make their new programs to support Windows XP and make an update for Windows XP so it can run DirectX 11. That is just because they will force people to pay more money for a new Windows. But honestly I can't see any improvement by the new Windows. You can't do more things on the new Windows, you can go on internet, watch movies, listen to music, play games on both Windows, so i can't see a reason to why Microsoft release a new Windows. Both Windows still one go down for errors and the new one take many more resources to run (and i know some people said that this Vista problem has been fixed, but i have tested that and find out that was false).

But that's just my opinion.
I also think of the design and the way it is built up.
And I must honestly say that Windows Vista and 7 are built right up weird.
It is completely a different operating system than all the other Windows.
It is almost like switching from Linux to Chrome OS.
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