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My System Specs


Hey Jibs,

I did a little more digging and I bought the thing in 2004. I don't have any real problems with it but I have been in the process of upgrading the clients and network in general. It does have 2 CPUs and only 4 GB of RAM. You are right about support in the sense that it is hard to find parts for these machines. I did pick up an extra hot swap power supply about a year ago just in case I ever need it. I have 4 x 150 GB drives in a RAID and they are about 20 GB from being full so I got 4 more 750 GB drives and got to figure out a way to either move some data to the second array or move everything to the second array. I kind of just decided to keep using what I had since it seemed like too much of a pain in the butt to start again with a new server.

how much you looking to get for your RAM? I'd have to check and see what I kind I need but I know the existing ones are 2GB DDR2?
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