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I recently went through the same situation. I had/have a capable IBM server board and 2 X5460 socket LGA771 Xeons, and way too much ram. I was looking for a new case and an upgrade to the power supply and i realized pretty quickly that it was going to be very expensive. Because there is very little support for these machines and it is very tough to find parts. While looking into a new power supply, i realized that my mobo doesn't use a standard atx connection and that it didn't have a 20/24 pin power connection, instead it has some small 12 pin connection and a bunch of 4 and 6 pin connections.

My motherboard has a small chip that inserts into the top of it, apparently that chip allows the mobo to run dual processors, without it you can only run 1 cpu, you might want to look into whether or not your board works the same.

If you do decide to upgrade, i have 50+ gigs of DDR2 ECC ram and 3 pairs of xeons that i'm currently looking to unload.

Hopefully my info is helpful.
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