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My System Specs


Originally Posted by ravenger View Post
is there something im not getting? I hear of people overclocking this stuff so high but then you tell me ill hardly get a little more speed without overheating my chip. Then even with an h100 id only get a 10% increase???!What would that land me just over 4 ghz?
Nobody said anything about your chip overheating or reaching its clock speed limits.

What I said was you aren't going to get your chip much cooler without resorting to significantly more expensive cooling solutions. But it doesn't matter because your temperatures are fine as they are.

We have no idea on the potential of your chip since you haven't posted any information on things like voltage tweaks and the results of your stress tests. I would suggest you read some guides on overclocking 1366 chips if you really want to get past 4ghz. Sites like have plenty of in depth guides that will help you tweak to your chip's maximum potential on conventional cooling.
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