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My System Specs


Originally Posted by ravenger View Post
well is 1.35 volts to much for my OC? So i got a shitty cooling unit or what? would a corsair be better?
Every chip is different, one might need a ton of voltage to reach 4ghz and another might be able to do it at stock voltage. (although very rare) Overclocking is about finding out what your chip can do.

That Asetek unit is basically a Corsair H50. (Asetek made all the older Corsair water kits) Your temps aren't in the danger zone and you won't get much better performance unless you go for an elaborate watercooling setup. (which would cost you at least 3x as much as the cooler you currently have) High end air coolers or something like an H100 would probably net you 10% better cooling for twice the price of your current cooler.
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